"Mukhyamantri Work from Home - Job Work Yojana"

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For the purpose of improving the status of women, connecting them equally in the main stream of development, raising the issues of women in governance and their implementation and monitoring, the Directorate of Women's Empowerment was formed separately on June 18, 2007. Thus the journey which started with women's welfare has now reached women's empowerment through women's development. Attention is being paid to uplift the status of women and girls. We are committed to building an equal society free from discrimination. Where women are empowered and have equal participation in all development decisionmaking processes.

The department is striving to enable women and girls to get their constitutional rights under its framework and to protect them from various types of harassment. The purpose of the department is also that whatever social, political, economic, intellectual, cultural resources are with the society, their process of equitable redistribution should be started so that women can get equal rights in them. With the efforts of the government, today women are establishing new dimensions by occupying the highest positions of higher education such as medicine, engineering, sports, army, industrial sector, police, art, bureaucracy, business and politics. In this sequence, the department is making efforts to further strengthen the status of women in the state and to connect them equally in the main stream of development, to raise the issues of women in governance prominently.

About Scheme

According to the budget announcement number 43 of the financial year 2022-23, for such women who can contribute to the livelihood of their families by doing Work from Home for them "Mukhyamantri Work from Home - Job Work Yojana” is being started.

Objectives of the scheme -

  1. To connect women with work from home-job work keeping in mind their aptitudes and abilities.
  2. To provide opportunities for work from home-job work in government departments, autonomous institutions, public undertakings and private sector to women skilled in technical / skill and any other field who are willing to do work from home-job work.